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Get Your AAPL Jones On

July 25, 2007

The Q3 2007 webcast is about to start…

There Must Be a Full Moon

May 30, 2007


At least they were complimentary of one another. One might think they actually liked one another even! Is that possible?

Engadget’s Apple Kabob

May 17, 2007

Apple Spikes

Crap! Did Engadget skewer Apple (AAPL) yesterday or what!?

The inverted spike you see above means some people bailed on rumor. Some people wonder if there’s an Engadget lawsuit coming? Nah, too many people MADE a hell of a lot of money yesterday. Look at the elasticity of this thing! SHEESH!

Leopard Release Date October ’07

April 12, 2007

[FINAL: The above is, by far, the best public demo on YouTube of what Leopard brings to the table I've seen so far. There was no harming of my NDA in bringing this link to you.]

[NOT SO FINAL: October 23 it is. :)]

[EDIT: Wanna see one of Leopard's new iTunes visualizers from the latest 9A559 build? Yeah, I thought you would.]

[EDIT: Leopard seeds are accelerating. We're now sitting at 9A559 as of last Friday night. This is rumored to be the final image. Frankly, I'm surprised we're this far into September with new seeds. They absolutely have to stop the seeds and start cutting DVDs... Yes, you're going to have to have a minimum config of a G4 with a DVD drive and better than 800MHz performance processor. It's not clear if Dual-Layer DVD is going to be used. It has been "required" with the seed installs if using optical media up to this point. More likely to be a two DVD install set. Thanks for the sharp tongued devil "foofoorabbit" I am now a much older and wiser blogger of things Apple (see comments below).]

Apple’s just postponed Leopard to October. Stock was only punished by 3% today. Watch the selloff tomorrow. I might actually want to get my position back into Apple in anticipation of another split before too long and the eventual ride back up the slope. At least iPhone is on track…

That’s going to lend more value to the shareholders than Leopard anyway.
BTW, the opening video for Leopard was posted to YouTube in the last couple of days. Watch it. Once you’ve installed Leopard you’ll see it’ll have set the tone for a few things. More I cannot say.

[EDIT: This post has obviously nabbed quite a lot of link love lately by the looks of the stats. So, I'll do right by those hoping to get an insight into the release date... The short answer is, no one knows what date Leopard is going to ship. Last word uttered on the matter is October 2007. So, that could be as late as October 31, 2007. It could be as early as Oct 1, 2007 (doubtful, but technically still doable). All of this is speculation. Apple (ie. Steve Jobs) could easily shift the date once again for any of a bazillion reasons. Trust me. What comes out is going to be BRILLIANT for sysadmins and programmers alike. The UI... well, folks, simply needs tweaking. At this point don't expect major developments to rock our world. Human to machine interface on the other hand is undergoing HUGE changes. Watch for those and how they can potentially affect the UI. That's where the action will be. Voice and touch input are going to be monsters.]

Pixar’s Lifted

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Apple’s COO, Tim Cook, Talks

March 2, 2007

I’ve heard more from Mr. Phil Schiller, Marketing VP at Apple than Apple’s own COO, Mr. Tim Cook. And, now, I wonder why that is. He’s a really good speaker. Makes his points about the company and products (and people!) with some genuine sounding affection. And comes across as a real, dyed in the wool believer. He projects well enough to be a contender for Mr. Jobs slot in a succession planning situation. We just need to see and hear more of him.

You might give his talk to the investment analysts at Goldman Sachs a listen. Worth the couple of minutes of streaming.

iPhone’s Rightful Owner

February 22, 2007

Apple’s got the green light to do what every sane person in the world expected in the first place… the ‘privlege’ of using the iPhone name (a registered tm of Cisco). Or, looking at this another way, Cisco gets to keep their tradmark until someone else comes along to challenge it.

So, what does all that mean in the end? “SQUAT” The ONLY thing it means is AAPL stock was up $2 for all of about 30 minutes (the equivalent of a HOORAH! on Wall Street) and then promptly settled back down in both price and volume.

Apple was going to manage to eek this one out all along and the iPhone launch is now baked into the price of Apple stock. Not much, short of the FCC panning the device is going to detract from Apple’s iPhone plans.

BTW, did you see the iPhone is now front and center again on the Apple homepage? ’tis true.

Apple Legal

December 26, 2006

Talk about your Infinite Loop! This legal poop just won’t go away. posted a new article regarding the backdating situation and that Mr. Jobs has hired representation apparently. Probably a good move to seperate your peas and carrots as Apple’s interests may not necessarily be in HIS own best interests. Not saying he has anything to hide. In fact, quite the opposite. I think he’s probably had his own counsel for some time now on the matter. Probably the first thing to do in that situation is call your attorney first.

I sold my position in Apple Nov. 21 at about 88 and change. Kinda glad I did and kinda have a niggling to get back in and ride it back up for a quickie off of MacWorld San Francisco. But, if AAPL appears to be delisted (would that REALLY ever happen!?) I think I’ll watch the circus from the sidelines.


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