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Conversational Farsi Anyone?

December 1, 2005

So, here I am in Boston improving my chops a LOT on OSX Server.

Arek Dreyer is the instructor Apple brought into 111 Huntington and he is absolutely stellar! Reminds me of the old Apple SE Summer Camp days when Apple brought out all the young turks to make us smart. MAN! That feels like yesterday.

Anyway, in Boston… @ the 111. Nice place. Connected to this mall. So, I go down to have breakfast on Tuesday and among lots of other things (like John Battelle’s “The Search”) I find this great little sidewalk vendor pumping out some slick video by way of one of the newer G5 iMacs. That was enough to draw me in. On closer inspection this is a language development company called Rossetta Stone.

I speak French (somewhat) and can read it well enough to know if I’m being directed to the kitchen, a submarine, the bathroom or to eat a cat. I like languages and have had some interest in middle eastern languages and Chinese for a long time (oil country languages if that wasn’t obvious). French was a high school diversion that happened to be flush with all the pretty girls (different story)…

So, I try this software out over lunch and I’ll be dog goned if it didn’t just blow my socks off! I bought both Farsi (module 1) and Arabic (modules 1 and 2) and highly recommend anyone who’s serious to check this stuff out.

Tivo2Go… Should Just Go Away

November 21, 2005

That didn’t take long and again was predictable as rain in London. Tivo’s supposedly going to announce their 2Go service has MPEG4 conversion capabilities. Big whoopdidoo.

Tivo HAD to preempt Apple’s move into the video space. Funny thing is Apple’s simply going to completely obliterate the first mover advantage when they make their move (whenever that is).

Face it, Apple’s dominance in the home entertainment sphere is growing leaps and bounds. Front Row is the latest volley of entertainment oriented ammo to come out of Cupetino. Have you tried this stuff!? Yegads it’s awesome. My wife, who is pretty much a sideline afficianado of all things tech appreciates ease of use. Apple’s done a superb job of minimizing, dumming down but maintaining the elegance.

If Michelle gets it and likes it… I’m sure the next several million people will too. No wonder no one’s buying Tivo (the company). Everyone’s wondering what killer move Apple’s going to make.

Tiger Server Certification Weeks Off

November 15, 2005

So, yeah, OK…

Six weeks from now I’m going to be Tiger Server Certified. That just rocks in absolutely every conceivable way.


Spotlight Module & Apache. Sweet Redemption.

November 2, 2005

Damn! Seriously, I mean DAMMIT GANG! This is a GREAT day!

Before I deleted my previous batch of posts leading up to the Tiger launch I was bitching mightily at Apple about their lame (yes, I still feel this way) lack of documenting the apple_spotlight_module for the Apache server built into X Server.

That all turned upside down this evening for me (no thanks to Apple’s technical writers).

All I wanted was a way to hook into the awesome funk of Spotlight piped through to a web interface. Sure, I could have gone with some hacked up PERL mess or WebStar or God-only-knows-what-else. But it wouldn’t have been Spotlight. So, today… (grinning like a little boy who peaked into his Christmas presents a little early) I got my wish!

This site posts the only working solution I’ve found and I’ve looked about as hard and long as anyone on this pretty blue marble we live on. Kris, my hat’s off to you man! I get a ton of click-throughs from Google and Technorati on “spotlight apache” searches and I hope this makes a lot of joy happen out there.

To see it working (I never said it was pretty… remember that) go here and search on the word “discovery”. The tips at AFP548 are helpful too if you’re planning on deploying this beyond something of a personal nature such as searching for files while you’re away from the office.

Apple’s New Video iPod

October 12, 2005

One more thing… turns out to be pretty cool.

New iMac, new iTunes and of course the new video iPod. In Steve Job’s own words, “Pretty amazing.” and it’s hard to disagree with that.

But, if you look beyond the novelty of it and just simply think of things in a logical progression of a product you’ve gotta be thinking to yourself, “That was really pretty predictable.” Right? Apple pretty much had to do this to go where the real money is (if you’re not thinking Tivo this very second, shame on you).

The iPod platform is poised to become the next Tivo.

It connects to TV just fine.
It connects to computers (which are broadband capable) just fine.
It’s got friggin GREAT! compression and playback.
Podcasts are simply delayed playback of recorded stuff (so are vodcasts).
And, now Apple’s got a deal rolling with ABC Disney (with no commercials in their videos)

Gang, believe me it is KILLING me to say this. But, I love my third gen iPod and will wait until the next gen device comes out. Why wouldn’t I? This little new critter isn’t fully formed yet. When is any Apple product really fully formed…? At the rate they’re squirting these things out – probably never. And, that’s the odd beauty of Apple. By the time I’m convinced I can’t live without it I’d just about bet it’s turned into the iTablet.

Apple rounded a really interesting corner today and I’m super jazzed about their future as the next Sony. Way to go guys! Amazing is a good start for Infinite Loop. Now, go out and one up yourselves.

The BFD is Nearly Done

September 27, 2005

OK, went underground for a while and am on the cusp of giving birth to the BFD I’ve been working on for nearly two years. Stay tuned.

Enhanced m4b podcast

July 29, 2005

Well, with the great news from WIRED today it was time to up the ante a bit.

iTunes 4.9 opened up “chaptering” of podcasts. Essentially, publishers can now insert pictures, links, etc into their podcasts and create a “chapter”. Which really makes it easy to navigate through the podcast. At least, I think so.

Just did this for the newest AAPG podcast. Pretty nifty deal.

WIRED had their say…

July 29, 2005

Suzanne Wu at WIRED panned my podcast for the AAPG :)

Kind of funny actually. It’s such a great (not-so-little) little nod of acknowledgement in the August issue…

Thanks to everyone who’s helped us get so far so fast!

Hey folks…

July 14, 2005

Sorry to have ducked out on everyone there for a bit.

The whole comment spam thing got out of control here at the g-WH!Z blog. The most objectionable people on the planet discovered the popularity of the AAPG corporate podcasting thing and owned my time for a while as I did combat with them ((they won)).

So, I’m killing my blogs. Sorry. If I can’t accept comments… I’m just not gonna blog. Monologue just isn’t my style.

But, the big reason most of you are visiting anyway is because AAPG’s podcasting efforts have gained some critical attention in the press.

To listen to our whole body of work… you can find us with iTunes 4.9 in the iTMS Science section OR you can catch our RSS feed with enclosures at pcast://

Special thanks to the crew at Odeo who taught me how to invoke the pcast protocol link (above). Very cool guys!


Gerald Buckley


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