Hey folks…

Sorry to have ducked out on everyone there for a bit.

The whole comment spam thing got out of control here at the g-WH!Z blog. The most objectionable people on the planet discovered the popularity of the AAPG corporate podcasting thing and owned my time for a while as I did combat with them ((they won)).

So, I’m killing my blogs. Sorry. If I can’t accept comments… I’m just not gonna blog. Monologue just isn’t my style.

But, the big reason most of you are visiting anyway is because AAPG’s podcasting efforts have gained some critical attention in the press.

To listen to our whole body of work… you can find us with iTunes 4.9 in the iTMS Science section OR you can catch our RSS feed with enclosures at pcast://rss.aapg.org/radio.xml

Special thanks to the crew at Odeo who taught me how to invoke the pcast protocol link (above). Very cool guys!


Gerald Buckley

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