Unused Google Analytics Invitation Codes?

Anyone out there have an unused Google Analytics Invitation?

Some time back Google purchased a great little company called Urchin. We were all scratching our heads wondering where it would lead. It’s obvious now in the grand scheme of things Google is using the information for good, not evil πŸ™‚

Will Ferrell - SNLSeriously though, they’re watching the click stream and using it to help display still more relevant results.

The Urchin license we purchased freakin ROCKS. And, I can’t imagine Google just giving away the full strength dose of Urchin to every one who comes along and asks. But, I won’t find out until I plug in the invitation code you’re so graciously going to email me at gerald28 at mac dot com … Pretty please? πŸ™‚

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2 Comments on “Unused Google Analytics Invitation Codes?”

  1. keith Says:

    Have you tried WebTrends? We run WebTrends Professional 7.5 and paid a lot of money for it. We considered Urchin – but it was basically the same cost so we didn’t want to switch since we already owned the WT Small Business Licence and switching was expensive. Now I am wondering the same thing – is Google going to really give away the full power of Urchin?

    Please post me back at http://agitointernetmarketing.blogspot.com/

  2. Urchin’s got me hooked. So, really gunning for a shot at the Google deal.

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