JBoss Acquired by Oracle. WTF!?

OK, the BFD I launched on Jan 1 relies heavily on JBoss. I mean HEAVILY.

So, when an open source effort like this gets snapped up by one of the big proprietary shops… I just gotta wonder – WHY!? What did they ever do to Larry to deserve THAT!?

Besides, just short of $500 million for what JBoss represents? C’mon guys. I think Oracle was being stingy.

I just hope they don’t screw up a good thing.

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One Comment on “JBoss Acquired by Oracle. WTF!?”

  1. […] My rants last week (here) and (here) regarding Oracle potentially screwing up JBoss is not unfounded. Just look at what they’re doing to Salesforce.com. Taking it just a bit further… would seem there’s a pattern… maybe. […]

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