Macintosh, EVDO, Ericsson GC89 & EDGE

OK, so I took possession of the GC89 card before lunch. Short of it… It works!
Installation was anything but straight forward. I didn’t keep track of how much time I spent trying to get in touch with just the right tier of support at T-Mobile (but, I did eventually). Probably close to an hour.

I’ll post my trials/tribulations in the hopes it will help some folks out there.

1) Turns out it helps a LOT to already have T-Mobile service on another phone. This becomes evident in a minute.

2) Put the card together… Antenna (push it in home ALL THE WAY) made me think I broke it 30 seconds into ownership. Just mash it in there HARD! The instructions say to put your sim into the GC89… DON’T DO THIS.

Instead put it in your phone. This sim has a phone number all it’s own. Turn your phone back on and connect to t-Zone. Be sure you’ve done this and then turn your phone off. Remove the sim (keep them straight – one’s for your phone and one’s for your GC89) and insert it into your GC89 card.

Be sure, at this point, you have some kind of internet connectivity (dialup, wifi, ethernet, whatever)

3) Download the software for Mac’s from Nova Media.

4) Install said software.

5) Insert your new GC89 card into your Mac. Don’t worry if you don’t see any lights active on the card. I didn’t and it’s working fine.

6) In your Applications folder there is now a new app called “Mobile High Speed for Mac OS”. Launch it.

Here’s where things went tricky for me and depart from the instructions at Nove Media…

7) Registering the card wasn’t as straightforward as I’m accustomed to on a Mac. I never could get it to pop the dialog boxes as expected. But, fortunately the folks at Nova Media (to their good credit) made a manual method available: With the Mobile High Speed app in the foreground go to the “Extra” menu -> “Register Manually”

This creates a web page file and asks you where you want it saved. I saved mine to the desktop. Quit the Mobile High Speed App. Then drag that newly created file on top of Safari (which miraculously worked!). Or, open it manually. Whichever works best for you.
8) Complete the form. Submit it and you’ll get your License number. ((TIP: highlight and copy that license))

9) Then, open the Mobile High Speed app once again and it should begin finding devices, protocols, signal quality, etc. Click on the button “Enter License” and then (because you remembered to copy that license number to your clipboard earlier) you simply paste it in there. Submit that.

10) Remove your GC89 card. Wait 30 seconds. Insert it. Launch Mobile High Speed app and watch it go through it’s usual gyrations.

11) See the Connection Settings line? That should say something like US T-Mobile US. Mine didn’t say this by default and it was the biggest cause of my wasted time on the support line. So, I hope the following helps at least one person out. That will have made this all worth while.

I knew my GC89 card was working because I could dial my land line with the Internet Connect app (in the Utilities folder) and make the phone ring. Clever, huh? (yeah, thanks)

12) But, the card would never connect to the t-Mobile grid. I watched the connection log in Internet Connect and it dialed just fine, went through the handshake just fine but then got booted by t-Mobile. ARGGGHHHH!

13) All you have to do at this point is open the Mobile High Speed app, click on preferences, if they aren’t already you should have checks in the “Sending PIN Automatically” and “Select Operator Manually” boxes.

GC89 and T-Mobile Screen shot
The latter will cause a tray to slide out from which you will select your carrier. Seeing as how mine was t-Mobile (and I’m in the US) you can see which one I had to choose. But, for whatever reason it wasn’t my default and was the source of all my grief.

14) Click the “Activate” button. The app will automatically quit.

15) Launch Internet Connect and you should be golden.

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2 Comments on “Macintosh, EVDO, Ericsson GC89 & EDGE”

  1. tom Says:

    you sick fuck it doesnt fit to my mac. no place to insert

  2. Tom, Thanks for that. You are a tribute to all in your gene pool.

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