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I love my music. I don’t have much come to find out. But, what I do have… I like. A lot!

So, when I saw over at Joi Ito’s Web about his investment in it just so happened at a time when my need for music was peaking. So, I hustle over there only to find out I reg’d for this thing back in March of ’05. I could have been enjoying all this great music going on a year. Ah, wasted youth!

Will Ferrell - SNL
So, here’s the thing – *IS* a radio stream finder. OK, iTunes has that right? But, what’s cool is that unlike iTunes you can put in an artist or a track name and it will find you a compatible stream. And, as if that wasn’t enough you can skip a track if you want. Sharing your tracks factors in there somehow too.

I’m just now refamiliarizing myself with it and I’m sure to find more goodies. But, for now… WoW! (little inside joke there for Joi)

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