Camino, Gecko and Mac Browsing

So, Om Malik helped announce to the Mac world Camino 1.0 went official on us on Valentines Day.

It took me a little while to catch up on email replies and RSS feeds. So, after tending to the blocking and tackling of the day, yesterday I downloaded Camino and immediately felt like something basic was missing… and it’s RSS.

I’m quick to say RSS isn’t mainstream. And it’s not. But, for those of us who have crossed that chasm… we certainly are going to want it. If it’s not there it’s going to be just one more impediment to full-bore adoption for the Camino browser as our default tool.

It also doesn’t make use of the Firefox plugin architecture. Or, can’t. Either way, all those plug-ins I love (Sage, etc) are limited to playing in one sandbox. Which is anothe reason why I don’t like Safari as much as I could. However, Safari, despite it’s shortcomings is my default browser. Hmmmm… Why is that? It integrates with so many other of my daily apps – Keychain most importantly and has a fairly decent RSS reader. Now, if Camino 1.1 rolls out in one of the nightly builds sometime soon… The guys in Cupertino had better be cooking up something sweet for Safari or I bolt.

For instance, I’m working in WordPress admin mode right now with Camino. I see all the nice WYSIWYG editing tools I DON’T get with Safari. I don’t pretend to know what Safari lacks in order to be presented with these tools. But, it’s a pain in the ass to not have them! [grumble, grumble]

To Camino’s credit… they’ve made some powerful preferences tweaking available to us picky folk. Thanks for that!

Gotta remember… These apps are free. So, my bitching about missing features or whatever is just kind of silly. Sorry [dammit!] 🙂

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