Oracle, Opensource, Considerable Skepticsm? Yep.

Stephen Ogrady’s threw a long bomb right into the numbers.

“There is considerable skepticism, then, as to whether Oracle – who candidly does not enjoy a sterling reputation in its dealing with some open source players – would be simply embracing open source, or embracing as a mere prelude to extending and extinguishing.”

Will Ferrell - SNL

Considerable skepticism is right! Oracle the company is an amazing player. Their software is awesome and the companies they acquire are for good reason. It just doesn’t make sense, though! Adding one of the prime open source efforts out there (as opposed to challenging it with something of their own making) somehow seems disingenuous to me. I don’t think they’re setting out to extinguish JBoss intentionally. But, if they put their fingerprints on it in any kind of indelible way… JBoss is irrepairably tainted as an open-source effort.

Now, it’s WAY too early to crow about anything. But, when I see jgovernor at RedMonk say what he did:

“The attractiveness of the above projects is predicated not solely on their technical merits – maybe not even primarily – but on their popularity. If any vendor thinks that it can uniformly impose its will on a large scale community of developers, they’re in for a surprise. Those developers, in most cases, have alternatives they can and will turn to…”

Well, I just gotta beleive Oracle’s deal on JBoss either isn’t consumated yet, in anticipation of the PR fallout, OR they just stepped in a big pile of “uh-oh”.

Now, contrast that with Sun’s open-source efforts (or Apple’s, or Microsoft’s). Best as I can tell those are/were homegrown potatos. They were born that way. I can’t name a single open source effort of theirs that was an M&A success. Can you?

Thing is, those efforts feel like they have all the love and respect of their progenitors. Acquiring an open source effort just smells like a short cut.

And, just why do I care? I use JBoss every friggin second of every minute of every day. Having Oracle snooping around is kind of like GYM having my search history tucked away somewhere. But, their motto ain’t “Do no evil.” if you get my drift… Made plain – I don’t trust them!

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One Comment on “Oracle, Opensource, Considerable Skepticsm? Yep.”

  1. […] My rant last week regarding Oracle potentially screwing up JBoss is not unfounded. Just look at what they’re doing to Taking it just a bit further… would seem there’s a pattern… maybe. […]

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