iPod HiFi

Not to burst anyone’s bubble (as if I could)… But, just why the hell am I supposed to get excited about APPLE coming out with a speaker?

Nope. Boring!

But, Gerald… It’s integrated soooo nicely and sounds soooo good!

So friggin what!? Has there EVER been any question the iPod was capable of HiFi? Did Apple feel compelled to PROVE something here? Sure feels like it.

Now, the Mac mini… I get excited about. Spotlight I get excited about. XServe I get excited about. OS X I get excited about. Tablets I get excited about. Hell, the iPod I was excited about from the get go (having been a Newton die hard) because of the small form factor and the nifty as hell OS.

But, wireless mice. Wireless keyboards. Speakers. C’mon guys. “Focus” not “Fiddle”

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