Alex Ostrovsky & iTunes

Apple picked their billionth download over the weekend. Which is very cool. But, I just wonder…

Will Ferrell - SNL

What would they have done if that billionth download was, say, the freebie music of the week? THAT wouldn’t have been much to crow about now would it. I wonder…? I wonder if Mr. Jobs or Mr. Phil the marketing man said… we want to know about the first PAID download after we hit one billion.And, if they DID give that kind of instruction… I wonder if Mr. Alex Ostrovsky might not have been the 1,000,012,345th download or so? Guess it doesn’t matter much… Alex has probably filled up half of those white and black iPods by now. The other question I came up with, “Has he visited Juliard yet?” Kinda doubt it.
I’ve got way too much spare time while feeding/changing the 6-week-old at three in the morning. Must think other thoughts.

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