Systematic OR Credentials OR Other?

What matters to you most in your coworkers? I’m going to lay out two traits in shoot-out style:

Let’s say there are two people already in your company itching to be on your special team for such and such. If you could work with one who has TERRIFIC, bona-fide credentials or who has a long history of getting the right things done… who would you pick to work with? Is there ANY case where the paper tiger wins? Maybe in academia perhaps?

Generally speaking, if there’s something that matters more than either of those… let’s hear ’em. Ethics? Communication? Integrity? Connections? Vision (no, not the optical kind)? Or, does it really all come down to real-world experience and how well-suited those experiences are applied to the team’s purpose (as I believe)?

One possible answer is “Systematic”. I knew I had read this posting at Scott Maxwell’s Now What? sometime back and just LOVE it!

Curious to have a temperature take from the gallery. Comment freely!

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