Apple, Mr. Ive and Succession Planning for Jobs

Expect to be seeing more of Jonathan Ive, recently promoted to Sr. VP, Industrial Design at Apple.

Steve’s bout with cancer recently is sure to have set the wheels into motion for succession planning at Apple. And, the one thing Apple has that too few companies like it have is “soul”. When that Pepsi guy headed up the place and then Spindler and then Amelio… well, the place lost it’s soul for a while.

Then a beautiful thing happened. NeXT took over Apple through their aquisition.

Mr. Ive is every bit as intense as Mr. Jobs and every bit as preoccupied with the “simply elegant” functionality of everything they send into the world. With the promotion to Sr. VP he’s in the neighborhood of the next legitimate step into the CEO’s office. There’s a bit of polish that will have to be applied. Lots of (what to date has been the all too rare) public appearances. Unlike some of the accountants and lawyers that could be wheeled out… Mr. Ive just makes a LOT of sense.

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