OSX, BitTorrent and Leopard

Here’s an interesting and developing story on Apple’s next play as the entertainment platform of choice.

Mac OS Rumors posted a bit of definitive history on what Apple is planning with 10.5 with respect to P2P networking. At the time it all sounded kind of novel. But, with the postings at Om Malik’s site and at Jeff Jarvis’ BuzzMachine… The haze is starting to lift and it would seem to make a lot of sense.

The questions I have are now more on the distribution side. How does one go about selling a DRMd product and licensing/authorizing it to the proper devices? For instance, last year I bought a Rush album from iTunes. I presumably paid the iTMS and now need to download the files. They’re small, so not a problem, iTMS fulfills. But, maybe next year I buy Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. That’s a lot of content. How does a P2P system wrap that content or bitstamp it or whatever it does to ensure I don’t/can’t pass it along. This just has to be DRMd. Or not (please, please, please!)

Also, makes me wonder if the broadcasters aren’t trying to get out ahead of Apple so that they’re not beholden to Cupertino for distribution as the music industry has become. Well, good for broadcast. It’s about time the entertainment industry tried to solve their own problems (or roll their own).

Must investigate further. Off to the BitTorrent site with me!

Check out Cringley’s weigh-in on the topic…

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