PowerBook with a Built-in Cell Phone

You know, I just wonder if we’re not coming at the whole convergence problem from the wrong direction.

We’ve been trying to stuff all this office-grade computing power into a BlackBerry or a Palm (or a Newton for those who remember that glorious chapter). But, what if we simply stuff all the miniature functionality into a laptop (…ok, ok, a PowerBook aka a MacBook)?

The only thing missing is the built in phone!

I have my iTunes (OMG! how I have my iTunes), there’s the video content, there’s the SMS and IM, there’s the email. All I’m missing is the ability to dial straight out of my PowerBook, er MacBook and talk through it.

If Apple hooked up with TMobile, Verizon, AT&T and Cingular (US centric approach, I know) and said, “Hey lookie, we’ve got this idea…” I wonder where that would go?

My Quadra 840AV had GREAT telephony software on it. I forget what it was but it was an AWESOME answering machine and had all sorts of call routing, messaging, faxing stuff built into it. That was back in my Apple SE days. But, the platform’s only stronger today! Why not!?

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