Yep, Chuck, That’ll Win the Analysts Over

What the hell is Charles Phillips thinking?

From: C|net News

It does have impact in the marketplace when customers perceive that you have momentum and are gaining market share. It’s useful to get that information out to the marketplace.

The trouble is, I can’t get the financial analysts to do that sort of work anymore. I guess they don’t feel it’s their job anymore, or they don’t like math or whatever.

I’m ‘everyman’ right? I’m the guy Phillips is trying to win over with his new ad campaign. Hint to Mr. Phillips – It’s going to take a lot better product and a lot better citizenry than Oracle is showing these days. Quit pissing people off and start letting the joy in your products shine through. Get excited again (not like Ballmer crazy or anything, just genuinely excited). That sort of stuff is contagious. Ads don’t cut it anymore (Apple’s new Mac ads come to mind… yawn).

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