My PowerBook is Now My Phone!

OK, I rambled on how I’d really like for my PowerBook to be my phone. Everything else is on it why not voice comm?

This whole AT&T + NSA mess tugged at my greymatter this morning and in the course of boning up on the goings on there… I found Gizmo Project.

Gizmo Project A Free phone for Your Computer

Sure, OK, you say… “Another VoIP client. So what? Skype does that.” And, you’d be right. But Skype’s crypto has been broken (although, apparently it’s a proprietary closed crypto for what good that did). Gizmo Project + zFone (256 bit AES cypher crypto = STRONG! + 3,000 bit P2P key exchange) gets you pretty darned close to totally private (except if another party to the call is recording).

Why in the heck would I want a totally private call you ask? Because, apparently, that’s the one thing the government doesn’t want me to have! That’s why. Now, reading Phil Zimmerman’s FAQ (yeah, Phil the guy who created PHP) on zFone it might look like the gov’t actually has a back door into his crypto… 😦 Must know more about that. And, checking further into his site right there on the left side of the screen it says “No Back Doors”. Seems he’s pretty adamant that there are ZERO back doors. COOL! I like it all over again.

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