Zillow is STILL cool!

Although I’m not sure how Rich Barton and crew are making their money on Zillow, the site is awesome.

Our neighbors just sold their house. It was on the market for 3 1/2 days. They sold at their asking price which was $40k below what their agent suggested (and which also happened to be EXACTLY what Zillow’s highest ZEstimator price had been). Think the real estate market is being guided by Zillow? You bet!

I’m not thrilled with Zillow’s accuracy on property facts. For instance our house now has more bedrooms than are reflected and (as you know) we’re taking the half bath to a full. So, how do I update my property’s info? Also, the ‘built’ date is wrong on Zillow…? Odd.

I know someone from Zillow.com is subscribed to the rss of this blog (I can see you in the daily traffic report!). So, please, either comment back here on how to permanently update my property’s info or email me.

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3 Comments on “Zillow is STILL cool!”

  1. reggolb Says:

    Hey g-WH!Z, it’s David G from Zillow. I’m not your subscriber but I am glad to help.

    There are two answers to your question;

    1) Today, your answer is to inform your county of the upgrades to your house. Your home facts on Zillow reflect the public record at the recorder / assessor’s office. After you’ve made the necssary corrections we’ll eventually be informed of any changes you’ve made by our data providers when they’ve collected and aggregated those records.

    The main challenge here is that this process can take some time to complete. That’s why we are also working on adding new functionality such that …..

    2) In the future, you will be able to edit home facts about your house on Zillow.com. This is (by far) the most frequently requested feature by our users, so it’s our highest priority. If you’d like to be notified when this capability is available, check the last box on our feedback form: http://tinyurl.com/f98es

    Thanks for posting your thoughts about Zillow.com.

  2. gwhiz Says:

    David, thanks for the reply. As popular as you guys have become and as focused on customer service as the team from Expedia was in the past I knew there HAD to be a way.

    Putting it all in the public record makes a lot of sense. Otherwise, I could game the system and everyone loses on that deal.

    Heading to your form right now!

  3. gwhiz Says:

    BLLLAAAAAHHH!!!! David, Safari’s still not supported!

    Bet I know your second most requested improvement.

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