iPod and iTunes or WMP11 and Clix

Hard to make a comparison betwwen iTunes and WMP11 (does that really look like it says wimpy? must be me).

WMP11 isn’t available to the masses yet. But, look, iTunes has a huge leap in the music market and they’re not going to sit still in Cupertino while Redmond comes on strong. iRiver’s got a big bead on the iPod and their work is cut out for them. But the Clix is probably going to win some converts of people who haven’t made the leap to the digital music player market. I’m still liking the iPod’s form factor and the click wheel is still unbeatable for a nav tool (wonder how long it’ll be before that’s on a Mac laptop?).

So, I don’t know too many people who’re going to switch from an iPod to anything different (except maybe the one’s miffed over their battery situation maybe). Why would I switch? ALL my music is in my iPod. There’s no easy way to change platforms. Apple likes it that way. The competition doesn’t (French legislation comes to mind).

Now, let’s not discount Redmond or the influence they have. If they come on strong with an alternative… Apple has to be ready with an answer. I’m thinking the all-you-can-eat subscription plan for music is a good place to start.

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