What Ails Dell? Here’s a Thought…

Dell is too darned big…

Too big to innovate.
Too big to be hungry.
Too big to be nimble.
Too big to get bigger.
Too big to wear just one target.
Too big to vary from their success formulae.

That’s just for starters. Every small company I’ve every known, bought from or just thoroughly enjoyed giving my time of day (or night) to has been “small”. Let’s say fewer than several billion in sales. Gosh, who does that leave out then? Lesse… Microsoft comes to mind (But, then so does Google and I love THEM). Hmmm. Must just be that I’m fickle. Oh well…

Small operators zig to everyone else’s zagging. They make things work that shouldn’t work and become the trend setters. They think like a hungry animal on the prowl at all times. Not like a grazing elephant that can take down entire rice paddys in a single night. I get the impression the gigantic operators of the world have lost their edge BECAUSE they’re gigantic and are sticking to their proven [but faulty] formulas for success. Why do that? Well, there are good reasons to keep doing what IS working.

I think big, lumbering, hulks of corporations (elephants) are instictively fearful of the smaller competitors (mice) out there and just plain seize up and get so preoccupied with things that they lose momentum.

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