Google Earth, Mashups & KML

There are some wicked cool mashups out there combining data with Google Earth. The neatest of which is , in my opinion, .

Since I’m a Mac junkie and not changing back to the PC… I’m tickled to be rediscovering Google Earth. The Mac client is actually quite robust and I’m anxious to learn the KML to begin mashing up our own content on Google Earth. Or at the very least begin tinkering with the idea. Might not prove out at all. But, if it does… good things could begin happening for a little publisher I know. 😉

Any GeoRSS knowledge out there?

I’ve also come across Manifold which purports to help with creating my KML and KMZ files. Anyone have any experience with this app in particular? I know it’s PC only and that’s about as far as I bothered to go until I know more.

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