Tag Trolling!

Again, I’m really keen in understanding traffic patterns. What pulls in the visitors and what keeps them.

Trial is important and sometimes people just stumble across your site all by accident and find they like it.

Such is the case here at g-WH!Z. I’ve posted some things over the past few months with a very specific tag and I’ve been noticing as the product gains in popularity that I’m the ONLY one at Technorati with stories filed with that tag. I OWN a tag all to my lonesome and it’s drawing fair amounts of traffic to those posts.

I see where there are variations on the tag itself. Mine’s just enough different from the others though that I’m getting the benefit of the traffic. Reminds me of those seedy trolls who buy up domain variations of all the popular sites… If I shared the tag… would I still be a troll? 🙂

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