Google Analytics Codes FOUND!

I have finally found an angle on the Google Analytics activation codes I’ve been hunting for for so long…

Remember I mentioned some while back that Urchin was what I bought to count stats on the BFD sites? Well, turns out the company we purchased the license from also reps for Google Analytics… only on the services side of things. Seems they make a bit of money training people how to read their stats and increase healthier clickstreams while paring the undesirables.

So, I have my Google Analytics codes finally. I’ll ask Leslie if she minds if I post her contact info on the blog as Google Analytics is the second hottest tag drawing traffic to this site. Stay tuned (and comment if you’d like me to email you Leslie’s contact info when she gives me the green light).

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One Comment on “Google Analytics Codes FOUND!”

  1. homechicken Says:

    I wrote a program to convert Google Analytics Geo Map Overlay data to Google Earth’s KML format, you can convert it online as well:

    I’ve showed it to a few people and they really like it. I wrote an online version you can use as well.


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