Product Launches, Startups and Adrenaline!

I’m having a ton of fun reading the blow by blows of the entreprenuers out there. What great stories. With all the free flow of info & advice out there… all you need is a lot of guts, some money and an idea you believe in! 🙂

I remember working with Apple and building out some of the first generation of apps for the Newton, launching OGJ Online for PennWell, the Saint Francis online baby nursery (the first one on the web anywhere), revamping a couple of times and most recently rebirthing the digital archives for the AAPG on all new open-source platforms.

There is no greater rush in the business world than launching something (a product or a company) that’s brand spanking new. It’s addictive and is probably the single biggest reason I love doing new things at new places. Ruts are no fun. Giving birth to new stuff is awesome!

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