Nature Going Peerless?

Well that’s the debate anyway. I think it’ll be a cold day in Death Valley. But, the discussion should be great!

In the science, technical & medical (STM) publishing world peer review has been the one way to hedge the material is timely, valid and adds something to the topic. Least that’s the gist of it.

In my experience peer review has served to act as a barrier to entry (both good and bad). But, when it’s a bad barrier all hell breaks loose. Authors revolt. Someone’s feelers get bent. And, when it works, no one notices. Figures, right?

But such is our lot in life. It’s one of the better systems still in existence in modern publishing today. Most publishers don’t have the stomach to maintain an agressive peer reviewed publication. And, those who have stuck to their guns are constantly battling the perception that “it just takes too long to get published”. Rubbish!

So, to Mr. Hannay and Mr. Suprock at Nature… I applaud your bold move and hope your audience (authors and readers) give you a resounding vote to keep peer review alive and well + a little something extra to chew on.

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