Another Inconvenient Truth

inconv There's an Apple tie in here. Bear with me.

I'm interested [and engaged] in both sides of the discussion on global warming. I have felt a small tug to the topic since college. Then came the "hole in the ozone" deal that just seemed to go over the top and I let it turn me off for several years. Now I'm back and interested in picking up where I left off – ready to be educated all over again.

Now comes this Al Gore movie, "An Inconvenient Truth" and I'll see it for no other reason than I have a responsibility to be able to talk with others who've also seen it.

Here's the Apple tie-in: Al Gore, who used to be the next president of the United States (I love that line!) also happens to hold a much more important place in the Universe… he's on the Apple Board of Directors! What a cool gig! We should all be so lucky to be invited to keep watch over the most innovative place on the planet!

So, in my quest to educate myself on the dire nature of our little blue marble I come to understand Mr. Gore uses the daylights out of Keynote and PowerBooks and all kinds of swank Apple stuff. Good! And, as it should be!! He also operates this upstart television outfit that is a sister operation to MTV. (We're almost there…) So, obviously he's going to promote the new movie on MTV. Right? Well, of course he is! Problem is MTV Overdrive doesn't think enough of Mr. Gore and his swing at Apple to put the damned thing in QuickTime format. Instead what you get is this bit of mumbo jumbo about Windows Media Player and their DRM!? C'mon, that's lame and Mr. Gore ought to take someone to the woodshed for it

Screen capture of Overdrive's lame message

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