Apple Signs Dorito’s as New Chip Mfg

IBM stepped aside to make way for Intel. Now, rumor has it, Dorito’s will be the new chip manufacturer for Apple.

In all seriousness though… How long ago was it Apple and Intel bred their first brood of younguns? Last fall? Something like that? And all the excitement has passed us by just like so many leaves in the wind. (uh, is that a haiku I feel coming on? Nah. Just heartburn. Sorry.)

When did we become so jaded that a first gen product from Apple was the whole show? I’m still waiting for the new round of XServes. I’m still waiting for a fully optimized OS X (Leopard?). I’m still waiting for a so-screaming-fast-I-can’t-stand-it Photoshop (and I may be waiting a LONGGGG time for that one). But, look at this… whoa, Quark XPress came out swinging elbows! Beat Adobe to the punch by many, many moons. Good for them! Since Kamar left they seem like they lost their soul a bit. Seem to be in fighting trim again, maybe. Still, we’re waiting for the waiter to bring more chips.

Mr. Jobs signed on with Intel because of several reasons. The one that sticks with me though is where he says they can go places they never dreamt of going before (Disney?). OK, so get on with it! Quad processor XServes would be nice. Oh, and a little bit of that mango salsa I like so much please?

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