Grocio and a new demo reel

Posted a new demo yesterday of

For those of you not yet in the know… aims to help the grocery shopper find the best place to shop at that particular moment. It's grocery comparison shopping made easy. Some call this disruptive. Others call it cool. Grocery stores are gonna hate it (ever been kicked out of a store because they think you're recording their pricing? It happens!).

So, imagine you've just finished your shopping and you're headed out of the checkout. I'd just about bet you have sticker shock and are wondering if there was a better place to have shopped. Grocio takes that guesswork away by making grocery store selection easy: "Go here for these things and you'll pay so much. And if you're willing to go to a second store for some of the things on your list you'll save this much more."

Watch the 5 min demo… it makes sense!

I'm also looking for AJAX and MySQL gurus to help with some of the "heavy lifting". Know of anyone? Send em my way… contact info is in the demo.

<p><img src="; /></p> 

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2 Comments on “Grocio and a new demo reel”

  1. rdent Says:

    Looking better and better. BTW the Albertsons you used as an example, 21st and Memorial is slated to close soon.
    One idea: a bit of a barrier to some users would be generating the grocery list initially. I know, it’s not that big of a deal to many, but what about just scaning the UPCs in your recent shopping or in the kitchen and laundary room. Users could “Borrow” or rent one as part of initial membership setup. Local Grocio “guru” might bring one out and help them build the setup. There are some nifty Bluetooth ones out for around $400 that will put it right into a spreadsheet, to be read in to your Grocio profile.
    Another option, scan and OCR the recent receipts if they provide enough data.

  2. gwhiz Says:

    There was a deal not long ago involving a Treo fitted with a barscanner (think this might have been in Battelle’s book “The Search” or on Zawodny’s blog… anyway, where someone could scan a product and say… “OK, who else sells this nearby and at what price?” Basically a gut check for the purchase. Lots of plumbing necessary to pull that deal off.

    Ron, as you know, the phones are getting more sophisticated all the time. So, it won’t be long before folks can take a phone into a store and zap a product and upload a price in no time flat. We gotta be ready for that eventuality.

    Second, some clever soul figured out how to use an iSight to scan bar codes and build a product database on their Mac (since iSight only works on Macs to my knowledge). I think this was for books or cd’s… Good applications there except the grocers will kick you out of their store for scanning stuff. They frown on that big time.

    Finally, some wise soul suggested early on… I think it was Mr. Scoble… that people ought to be able to upload their own pricing. I think he had a web 2.0, community mindedness about him when he said it… Faxing in grocery receipts was kicked around. Emailing them in… “By Hook or Crook” isn’t a model that scales well. At the end of the day the pricing has to be right/accurate at that point in time or the deal doesn’t work.

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