Elves Hard At Work Tonight…

Do all parents work double hard at night when the kids go to sleep?

Really!? Michelle and I hit it HARD during the late night hours. While she’s banging away on video, PDFs and html I’m remodelling bathrooms and Grocio.

I don’t remember dad working like this. I wonder if one day our munchkins are going to say the same thing… I can hear it now, “Jeesh, mom and dad didn’t work THIS hard did they!?” 🙂

Not complaining one iota! No siree Bob. Actually I think we’re having the time of our lives and are just too busy to notice. For instance, Michelle’s been working on some nifty projects. She’s really pulling hard on the oars to upgrade her system. I’m busting my tail on Grocio. That’s going great (but in spurts). Like tonight… I’m getting stuff hammered out at flank speed. Feels awesome! Great music and lots of productivity under way.

Currently playing in iTunes… “Living After Midnight” by Judas Priest

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