The Bathroom and Guest House Renovation

The remodeling is going amazingly fast too!

We’ve gutted the downstairs bathroom of the house and the plaster walls/ceiling of the guest house quarters are gone. Doing the work ourselves on most of it. I don’t do electrical and up until last week I didn’t do plumbing. But, when the guys from Mullin Plumbing of Tulsa came by and quoted what the would charge to replace our galvanized pipe with Pex (not copper)… Well, I quickly became motivated to become a DIY plumber.

If you don’t know about Pex or you know someone who needs to replace/add plumbing to their home this might be of interest to you. Pex has been popular in Europe for years. It’s a polyethylene extruded piping (it’s plastic). It’s somewhat flexible and is not very UV tolerant (so don’t expose it to direct sunlight!). It’s fine in most U.S. cities for potable water supply lines and hot water. But, check with your local code and inspectors first.

Unlike metal pipes you can make a direct run of Pex from the supply line to the shower head with much fewer elbows and joints. With a little planning a Pex system doesn’t have to be expensive and can turn out to be quite convenient. There’s none of the traditional metal to metal fusing except maybe when you tie into the supply line. Everything from that point to the spigot is accomplished with crimping.

As we get into it I’ll post more pix over at Flickr.

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