Evangelizing Your Employer

Rule #1.0 – Family is more important that work. 

Mr. Robert Scoble, Microsoft Evangelist, appears to be headed to Podtech.net. And, on the same day, Mr. Guy Kawasaki tells us he’s speaking on the “Art of Evangelism”.

First, people move on for lots of reasons. When an evangelist/champion moves on it leaves a LOT of people scratching their heads even to the point of a hammering on Wall Street.

Imagine if Mr. Jobs left Apple to head up Disney. The flip side of that is when an ineffective evangelist leaves (Sun comes to mind). 

Second, I feel that a company’s commitment to evangelism is core to the program but plays second fiddle to the individual. Again, go back to the fact people move on. If, a company doesn’t backfill the slot then evangelism really isn’t key in their list of objectives – making rabid fans of their product lines through open channels of communication across the board.

Third, a true evangelist (and I’m thinking Scoble) doesn’t lose their religion when they transition to their next cool gig. They don’t suddenly throw out all their schwag. They never truly swap horses. The true evangelist isn’t a gun for hire to the top bidder. They’re principled. They’re loyal when they don’t have to be. They beleive at a deep down level. They have their own unique gravity field and pull the stars of their field inward.

Ever feel that way about what you’re involved in? A deep down gut level & profound pull? It’s beautiful when you have that kind of PASSION! I feel that way about Thrifty.com to this day. I feel that way about the AAPG. I feel that way about Grocio. I feel that way about MetaCarta. I feel that way about Apple.

Finally, an evangelist has to be more than a cool-aid drinker. They have to BE the process by which the company/product/service becomes better. They’re going to be the steward of “the conversation”. To make good on that conversation it’s absolutely essential they spread the feedback across the channels.

I wish I could listen to Mr. K deliver his talk at eBay Live. I wish I could hear Mr. Scoble at vloggercon. Should be an interesting time for technology evangelists.

[EDIT – And Mr. Winer brings a long, low whistle out of the peanut gallery.]

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