AJAX, Frameworks, etc.

As you know I’m feverishly banging on Grocio. Still alone in the endeavor. Learning a helluva lot in the process. More than I bargained for. Tonight was a primer on AJAX, frameworks and the tools available for Mac based development. I tend to linger on sites, poking and prodding until I peter out and move onto the next trail of bread crumbs. What I’ve found so far:

* Adobe Labs’ Spry (works with BBEdit although I’ve not followed that through to fruition). They have a fine blog too.
* The open source OpenLaslo. Creates some killer zero install web apps.
* The phenomenally free XCode free & from Apple.
* BBEdit from BareBones (this is by no means a new find… I’m not THAT green!)
* TextMate which is pouring it on strong.

What am I forgetting? OH RIGHT!!! I mentioned this before but it’s proving to be such a great tool… YourSQL is the cat’s whiskers. I kid you not!

There will be more to come. Just the highlights here.

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