New Tech Meme – Be a DAD!

It hit me when Mr. Scoble made his announcement… there are lots of tech guys (yes, GUYS!) with kids at home they don’t see enough of. Can’t say this with any real convincing facts to back me up but I think being a “dad” is one of the new tech memes.

So, there’s Mr. Scoble who’s moving with his wife to California. Great new gig and much closer to his son Patrick. Then there’s Mr. Sandquist playing with his daughter Josie and teaching her to skateboard. And there’s me with my three little bears. Mr. Pirrillo and Ponzi just added puppies to their family. While not kids… puppies are just as loving and frustrating. So, it kinda counts too. Deven’s dad loves him, too!

It’s hard breaking away from things like Grocio, or Channel 9 or PodTech! Hard, hard, hard!

I know there are more of you guys out there backing off of the grind and spending more time with the munchin(s) in your life. GOOD FOR YOU! Blog about it and please feel free to hit me with a trackback. I’d really like to keep up with you Real Dads out there! And, by the way, happy Father’s Day this weekend. Bask in the chaos of your kids a bit more than usual. You’ll be glad you did.

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One Comment on “New Tech Meme – Be a DAD!”

  1. […] by: newtelligence dasBlog 1.8.5223.1 Sign In Friday, 16 June 2006 Being a Dad – The Next TechMeme Is being a Dad the next TechMeme?   G-Wiz seems to think so.  Happy Fathers Day Dads!06/16/2006 22:02:41 (Pacific Daylight Time, UTC-07:00)    Comments [0]   […]

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