Who SHOULD Succeed Ballmer Then?

Monty Python had a funny routine that comes to mind… “I’m not DEAD yet!”

But the sharks smell blood therefor they must feed! For instance, CNN/Money has an article positing the question of “More must be better, right?” Meaning Mr. Gates should be logically followed in 2 to 5 years by Mr. Ballmer. (I don’t happen to agree).

The ONLY reason I care is the same reason I care about the oceans. I don’t use them but they’re a crucial part of the ecosystem. Wihtout them we wither and die. As it is with Microsoft. I’m a Mac guy. I don’t use their products (except as a last resort). I don’t want to see any lasting harm come to them. Scrapes and bruises are ok though.

But, if Mr. B was hit by a denial of heart service attack tomorrow who SHOULD run the show. The CNN site named a couple of likely suspects and the only one on the list that makes a lick of sense is Kevin Johnson. I really don’t see why Ray Ozzie couldn’t/wouldn’t be the head Microsoftie. But, there’s also Paul Allen. I could see that happening just as readily as some of the other folks on the “short list”.

There are TONS of really fine executives out there capable and “reluctantly willing” (gosh, if I *have* too) to be at the head of the digital food chain. (Please, don’t suggest Carly Fiorina… that’s not even funny).


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