Evangelizing [FOR] Your Employer

Earlier I posted on Evangelizing Your Employer. That’s found a pretty good following coming over from Munjal Shah’s Recognizing Deven (which is mostly about Riya and what it can do).

But today I come into a posting from David from August Capital that cracks open what I have been wondering about for TWO YEARS! Employer ownership of works created while on the clock…. How DID Mr. Scoble manage to break camp and keep the Scobelizer brand!?

The first question is, did he in fact keep the Scobelizer blog? I’d email him but he’s saying he has 700 emails all nicely compartmentalized for later digestion. Tell you what, I’ll phone him a little later in the day and find out! So, for now, let’s presume he did retain the blog and everything about it.

The only things Mr. Scoble’s really leaving with are a domain name (registered through GoDaddy so I’m betting it’s personally owned); a ton of traffic; content; and contacts. Face it, he’ll keep the traffic wherever he goes. The content is easily copied and handed off. And the contacts… ouch. Tough one. Even if he did pass his contacts database over to someone at MS… would they know what to do with it? Probably best just to hand it over lock stock and barrel and say… “BTW, I’m keeping copies. OK?” Mr. S is way too smart and has way too many smart friends to let him leave ANY base uncovered. Then too there’s Mrs. S. I understand she’s really the bomb on this sort of deal – organized, calculating and quite the negotiator. Guys like us are so fortunate! 🙂

What is Microsoft out? One helluva guy!; a domain name; a ton of traffic; content; contacts… AND TIME! They invested a LOT of time into Mr. S. A LOT! But, you don’t get that back. It slips right on by and it’s gone. So, they’re not out anything beyond the ordinary should they allow Scobleizer.com to be retained by it’s namesake. C’mon!? They’d win in a heartbeat if they raised a challenge on it. But, they’re not going to do that. In fact, I’d bet if Jeff Sandquist asked Mr. Scoble nicely it would be settled, nice and neat (if Maryam didn’t negotiate the terms).

Bet that’s not going to happen though. Why? I think Microsoft loses the PR flack that comes their way by doing so. Just look at what happened to poor Tim O’Reilly and the whole Web 2.0 conference mess! Mr. O and co. took a pounding there for a week +. Microsoft would lose control of the message so fast they wouldn’t know what hit them. Because, despite all the lessons Mr. S helped them to discover relative to blogging… they haven’t had to deal with a “major situation” in the blogging world yet that I can remember. This would be their first object lesson (without Mr. S to help guide them through to the calm water on the other side).

Nah, better to let him break clean with all the marbles than to face the blogosphere and her minions.

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