Grocio Update Demo/Feature Reel

Picked up a few new people recently in the Digg fest. For those new to the g-WH!Z blog — WELCOME! It’s mostly about the universe of technology in and around my life. is the biggest, non-family deal I have going. Grocio is an online grocery comparison shopping engine. Tell it your zipcode, which stores you want to shop locally, and what you want to buy and it tells you at which store(s) you will find the best checkout price. It’s outside my day job and occupies a huge amount of my kids’ sleeping hours. The demo reel (below) is the best method of peeking under the sheets to see what we’re up to… Enjoy!

New demo reel available (30.3 Mb streaming .mov Don’t worry, it autostarts… you don’t have to wait to download the whole thing before viewing). Added store ratings, rss feeds for the store rating, a method to take things OFF your shopping list or add more than what you originally specified (duh! missed that one somehow) and the niftiest of all… a way to shop Grocio by email (VERY COOL!).

REALLY want to thank those who have been so generous with feature suggestions and recommendations on how to make the video better. You folks are great! and I’m anxious to get version zero point something out the door sooner rather than later.

To those who keep urging me to release this thing… I’m gonna lay out one blanket statement, “It’s not ready. And, until it is, it stays in the sandbox.” I’m going to have to live with how well this thing flies on day one. I learned that with the whole Corporate Podcasting deal. “It had better be better than ho-hum when it’s unleashed.” or Wired, Digg, the blogoshpere and the like will punish me and my posse in ways I can only imagine. I’d rather not have the uphill battle of dealing with bad press out of the gate. There will be more than enough challenges without having to answer to the validity of the detractors.

So, thanks for the encouragement. But, this genie stays in the bottle until it’s fully ready. There’s no pressure from competitors and if they come on the scene it’s because we’ve set the bar and the pace through transparency (hat tip to Mr. Scoble). Also, there’s no VC breathing down my neck pressing for immediate gratification (yet, although I’d welcome the additional resources if the right group is interested). So, we’ll continue doing what we’re doing. Iterating, communicating, iterating, communicating and then one fine morning we’ll go live with some fanfare and an application that has a lot of legs (thanks in large part to all the feedback the demo reel is spawning).

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