Roam4Free. FREE cell calls!

This is way cool/awesome. Dispruption my arse! This is going to be challenged in a big way by the carriers! Lifted from Shel Israel’s “Naked Conversations” post today:

Roam4Free, is entirely disruptive to cellular carriers as well as skype. The product is a SIMM chip you will stick inside your cell phone to send and receive free calls to and from most places of the world where you will find yourself. You bypass cellular roaming charges and you are not tethered to your computers like you are when you want a free skype call. It was founded by Pat Phelan, who has a long and successful telecom industry track record. He is supplying Rick Segal and me prototypes to take with us on our world tours, that will just let us receive calls. Last week, he was the first to respond to my “Hire Me” blog and yesterday we cut a deal. The Roam4Free website is currently just a place holder. But Tom Raftery is designing the web and blogsites for Pat this week, and I’m helping Pat with the strategy of what to say and which conversations to join. For the record, I would have written about Roam4Free in any case.

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