Swordfish is NOT toxic!

Sorry to be a contrarian Mr. Godin. Some things I just gotta delve into a bit. It’s the curiosity gene I picked up from the paternal strain. So, swordfish, mercury… what’s the story?

UCDavis says not any more dangerous than sushi.
The FDA says… just limit your intake unless you happen to be pregnant. In which case lay off the tuna and swordfish.

Not definitive by any stretch but I get the idea there’s not a lot to be scared about. Do I go around chewing up thermometers regularly? No way! But, I also don’t go around saying the sky is falling either. 🙂

Lest I be accused of “missing the point”… Line caught fish is a problem… why? When I dip a line in the water if I pull anything out at all it comes out with ONE and only ONE fish attached. Are you maybe meaning commercial netting? And labels such as Ahi are meaningful for no other reason than to grade things. Grade AA eggs for instance (did you really say antibiotics and eggs? Did you mean chicken eggs or swordfish eggs?)

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