The Silver Hat Band

A friend tells me this true story about a married couple who have grown distant and finally bitter to the point of divorce. One or the other files and everything’s going as well as can be expected in such a situation. You get this, you get that… No, I’d really rather have such and such, you take that. Right?

So, it all comes down to this one final straw… The Silver Hat Band bought in Taos. It’s not terribly expensive (probably several hundred dollars) and would be easily replaced with something quite close to the original and possibly better truth be told.

They go round and round about this Silver Hat Band for MONTHS. The lawyer fees are mounting and everyone’s nerves are frayed. The judge is getting pissed off at everyone and the couple just can’t find it in them to settle this one final detail. Friends start to wonder if they’re so sick and twisted as to not WANT the divorce and are finding a convenient tendril to needle each other with (till death doth they part taken to a proactive level).

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where that one infinitesimal little something was just over the line enough for you to dig in and not give a little… not budge the teensiest little bit? I sure have and it’s embarassing after all is said and done. Sometimes it even costs you those things you hold dearest – credibility, respect, relationships, jobs… or maybe even a Silver Hat Band.

Inspired by Elizabeth Grigg’s post on “That’s Such a Mug Rack”

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