Safari as an EFFECTIVE RSS Reader

Safari is now my ONLY RSS Reader cuz I finally figured out how to monitor LOTS of feeds and only get the new stuff to display. All I’ve ever wanted was a solid browser + RSS reader. And, now I have it. It was there all along!

I have over 200 feeds I monitor. Some are amalgams and watchlists from Technorati and Flickr, etc. You get the idea. And, I’m really only interested in the new stuff… As it breaks.

Well, if you’re like most, you’re going to have to visit each feed to see what’s new. Just like I was doing and having such a problem with.

Then everything clicked with that first jolt of caffeine this morning.

1) Bookmark your feeds into ONE folder on the Bookmark Bar in Safari. 10 to the 3rd is fine. More if you got em and don’t worry about cleanliness. Sloppy is okiedokie.
2) Now that you have your feeds in one folder in the Bookmark Bar you can “View All RSS Articles”.
3) Depending on how many feeds you poll this could take a while. Inline graphics in RSS feeds may make your wait a bit longer still.
4) See over on the right hand side of the Safari window where it says SORT BY? Click “New”
5) To make it even more convenient click on the RECENT ARTICLES “Today” option.
6) Leave that window open. Bookmark IT even… just drag it up to your bookmark bar.
7) [OPTIONAL] I like to see snippets so I’m really agressive with the ARTICLE LENGTH slider. It’s almost all the way to the left giving me really short abstracts of the content.
8) Finally, I do a ‘right click’ on the stories and open them in new tabs. That way my überfeed is always available in my tabbed browsing.

Hope this helps someone! [Ed. I’ve been using this for about an hour now and I’m kinda frustrated that some people post NEW content but with the wrong date. As in yesterday. Why would you do that!?]

Now, if Leopard adds BitTorrent as everyone’s expecting I’m junking Opera, Mozilla, Firefox and Camino.

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3 Comments on “Safari as an EFFECTIVE RSS Reader”

  1. Pierre Lourens Says:

    I do a similar approach, but since I look at soo many feeds, I break it up into categories. I have a Mac folder, a gadgets folder, etc. It has been working for me pretty well, I’ve been using this technique for about 3 weeks now.

  2. gwhiz Says:

    If it turns out you find a better method with Safari comment back… it’d sure be nice to make max use of it.

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