Watching 200+ Feeds (Again)

Ever do battle with creeping ivy? It burrows just enough to sustain it's march across your property. And so it is with RSS. So many people (Scoble, Zawodny, etc… ok, so two that I can name!) were on about trimming their feeds back to something manageable. Sounded good. So, I did that too.

Pared down from about 500 feeds to about 20. That was about two months ago and yikes! A few of them are back and a whole lot of fresh content (podcasts too) are taking up the void.

I hope when Mac OS X 10.5 (aka Leopard) comes out that Safari gets a pumped up RSS reader and BitTorrent client. Otherwise, I'm going to seriously mull switching to Opera which already has both. there's a BitTorrent client. [Ed. Safari's got a great little RSS reader… just needed to figure out how to bend it to my will.]

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