How’s GROCIO Going to Make $$?

Ron asked me yesterday, “So, how’s Grocio going to make it’s first buck?” Or something to that effect.

I’m going to dance around the question a little and then answer straight up:

1) It will be free to the end user. So, we won’t make money that way; and
2) It won’t be ad sponsored. No matter how tempting it might be; furthermore
3) The grocers hate our guts.

So, the question remains. If our main beneficiaries aren’t going to part with their money. Who will?


The whole dialogue comes down to who’s REALLY benefiting from this business model? Is it really the consumer? (It BETTER BE!) Is it the grocers? (It COULD be). Or, is it the wholesaler? Now, what would they be buying if not advertising?

The same thing they pay for at the stores… preferred placement. And, pres tell, what kind of placement would they be seeking at Grocio you ask? The kind gets them consideration at the moment of truth. That’s what. More to come. Watch the new demo reel this weekend and all shall be revealed. 🙂

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