If It Quacks Like A Duck…

If it quacks like a duck anywhere NEAR Infinite Loop you’ll never know if it was a duck, a goose, a lion or a cleverly designed decoy to make you think they’re working on a duck when actually they’re not working on anything biologically-based at all. So secretive are the mind tricks at work in Cupertino. Dan Gilmor’s Back Fence post on Nancy Heinen’s departure, however abrupt and shrouded in mystery, is going nowhere.

We’ll never know if Mrs. Heinen was involved, not to mention integral, to either side of the current matters surrounding options granting at Apple. WE’LL NEVER KNOW. If there were any bones… they’re buried way deep down in cold Mother Earth (wait, can I still say that… what with global warming and all?).

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One Comment on “If It Quacks Like A Duck…”

  1. gwhiz Says:

    Seems there might be ONE way to find out. She’s just hired a fine Silicon Valley law firm to represent her. So, if this winds up going to court… we MIGHT get a glmpse into what transpired. Still, kinda doubt it.

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