If You Have To Ask Does It Count?

I’m going to ask my kind readers a favor at the end of this posting… Kind of along the lines of my earlier “I’d Do Anything For You Honey” post.

There’s this long-standing guy/girl thing that if a girl has to ask for a hug, kiss, take-out-the-trash, something-or-other that it “doesn’t count”. I somehow missed that one in marital bliss 101 (which I audited). You see, there are a ton of things my sweetie and I do for each other we sometimes do and don’t ask for that we have no recollection of the other doing. THOSE don’t count! Truth be told. THOSE are the forgettables!

C’mon. Cut a guy a break.

So, to prove my point… I’m going to ask (remember, this is what guys are worst at… asking for things) that you kind souls out there show me some link love. I appreciate you coming back and reading the odd blurb I lob up. And it’s really nice to see you coming back for more. What would really be gratifying is to ascend past this 3,962,106 ranking in Technorati I can’t seem to break through past. I simply want to be in the top 3 million. That’s all (sob, sob). Can you help me? Just this once?

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