Joanne’s On In 5, 4, wait, uh… Go to Commercial!

This deal’s gonna get liftoff… someday. These very public bugaboos have got to be creating some redass over there. I know if it was my shop it would be! You’ve got the promised updates that kinda, sorta don’t happen. You’ve got the report of the site throwing httpd.conf errors this morning. OUCH!

If I was a potential sponsor… I’d be keeping my distance and my unsigned contract tucked in the desk until the dust settles. And, if I was Joanne (God, wouldn’t THAT be awesome!?)… Oh sorry… and if I was Joanne I’d be delivering my absolute best performance ever from the get go. Expectations are high right now and patience is running thin.

If you were Andrew what would you be doing differently? Go ahead… be specific!

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2 Comments on “Joanne’s On In 5, 4, wait, uh… Go to Commercial!”

  1. If I were Andrew, I would get Rocketboom going and try to branch out and try new things in the space.

  2. gwhiz Says:

    OK, Sophie… um, that’s a pretty good start there my blogging Bohemian buddy. Specifics are called for! Names must now be taken. Asses must now be kicked. This is the future of vlogging! (I almost typed clogging! EEK!)

    All seriously aside (THAT at least reads correctly), if Rocketboom is to survive, oh and it is a matter of 51% of something special growing into a full 100% again, what is Andrew to do? Should he sell out to Amanda? How about a hail Joanne play? More of the blame game maybe? Stay tuned: Someday in a place near you the blogospere will erupt with much sighing and deflation when Rocketboom returns to the airwaves once more.

    Now, IN all seriousness. Andrew’s doing the best he can. No doubt. He has some great people coaching and cheering him in the background. The same people believe his explanation of the situation and believe in him as well. That sort of support goes a LONG way toward picking yourself up off the matt and getting back into the fray with a fresh swagger.

    What should he be doing differently though? Programming? Production? They’ve turned the talent corner… Should they change delivery? Format? The lead in? How badly are expectations of the experience as we know it today going to be mismatched with the launch of the new thing? How could those be level set for the upcoming debut? What’s the sponsor impact of this deal (improved I’d wager with a headlining name coming on)? Should he have gone for Dan Rather?

    This would make a great MBA case study to chew on for a half dozen classes or so.

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