First Day of Work

Remember that charge of adrenaline? That feeling something new is ahead… no baggage following you around… Well, Mr. and Mrs. Scoble have just landed at their new gig at PodTech (great podcasts, check em out) and Mrs. S has asked about first day at work experiences… OK, not mine but my wife’s:

Michelle’s an art director. She’s an illustrator. She’s very hands on with her work. So, in 1990 she started a job at a major car rental company headquartered here in Tulsa (it was only one of two at the time, now there are four – Thrifty, Dollar, Alamo and National – learned something new didn’t you?). She had assignments stacked up already and dove right in. Well, even in 1990 things were still not quite from computer to commercial printer as we know it today. It all still required “paste up” which meant output of the Mac files to very hi-res output, THEN adhering all the pieces down to paste-up board (thick, very smooth coated laminate cardboard) with melted wax or rubber cement. That required using very sharp knives to cut the printouts, arrange the elements and get them camera ready for the plate making process.

All of this is very unnecessary now BTW.

So, back to knives (you can see where this is headed?). Michelles carving away on her newest creation when she lops off the tip of her finger. Sharp knife + Flesh = Little pain, lots of blood, ruined artwork and a trip to the emergency room (being driven by your super nice employer) and a LOT of embarrassment carried for the next 15 years.

The wound healed just fine. There was an immediate bonding at the office. Michelle had instant notoriety and got to know a lot more people in her big corporate america gig on day #1 than she might have otherwise. I eventually went to work there because I liked the culture so much.

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2 Comments on “First Day of Work”

  1. TDavid Says:

    I had a gashed on the new on the job experience a long time ago. It was my second job and it was as a meat carver> The first day part of the meat carved was my left index finger. Still have the scar!

  2. gwhiz Says:

    You guys!… Knives and fingers aren’t compatible tools. 🙂

    Michelle will be glad to know she’s not the only person in the world to have had that “first day” experience.

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