The “OK Corral Circle”? Huh?

Sir, I know the OK Corral and this is no OK Corral. There was no circle. Doc Holliday didn’t swap sides during the shootout and two of the (bad) guys ran the guantlet unscathed.

Mr. Steve Gillmor’s one entertaining dude. He knows his stuff or at least someone does and then he types it (maybe he’s the ghost writer for Dvorak?). There are lots of us out here like that. There’s this massively smart body of z list bloggers (self excluded… I’m not smart) who poach the other 9 bazillion posts per day to lob the ocassional pithy snark into the void.

So, I don’t get too excited when Mr. Gillmor suggests the a list guys (and gals) are in show-down mode. I don’t get that feeling at all. There’s so much more than enough good content to go around and the tools are getting so good that even if those guys (and gals) blog something off their usual topic it’s easy enough to gloss past it and move on.

Somethng near the truth of the matter is LOTS of news breaks at the zlist level and at lightning speed percolates up to the alist where it goes wide. I’d love to see one of data visualization models applied to THAT… How far and fast does the mouse go through the snake?

That is not to suggest the a list doesn’t scoop the rest of us. They DO! All the time! That’s what makes them a list. (Oh, and they’re massively smart, too).

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