We Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming.

OS X Leopard (10.5?) is still right around the corner. Lots of speculation of what’s in, what’s out. Only the WWDC will tell us and most (if not all) of that is going to be released in the keynote: Attendees sign non-disclosure agreements.

Sounds like people in the know are putting the Bittorrent stuff in Leopard Server only. Operating three of those myself, probably to add another two. So, even if it’s only in the server distribution… I’ll get a go at it.

I’ll be interested to see how Spotlight morphs into something more central and useful across all the Apple apps. I’m beginning to really like the tagging aspects of photos, emails and calendar entries.

Syncing has been a bit of a pain. Hope that gets a well thought out labotomy.

I’m thinking Leopard is going to have some pretty meaty minimum requirements. Hope it’s not so minimum as to bump out my old dual processor G4 XServe. That would stink.

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