It’s All in The Presentation…

How many times have you heard THAT!? It’s true.

I love great presentations! Even the most boring topics presented in an engaging & captivating way will hold me.

You already know I’m a sucker for data visualization. I think I can even peg when that little fetish developed – I had SGI send us an O2 for evaluation when I worked at the Williams Companies… Williams Communications Group to be more specific. And, on that evaluation machine was this fascinating bit of software that encouraged two things: exploring of the solar system (really nice); and visualization of the population differences over time in the U.S. But, what was so neat about this latter application was how immediate the slicing and dicing was. The real time feedback of the “answers” to my inquisitive prodding was tremendous. Here’s the link to subscribe to the free TED videos.

So, when I see Hans Rosling delivering his material at TED… I paused at the 5:13 mark to blog about it. FREAKING AWESOME and MIND BLOWING in the impact of the visualization of his topic. Gotta see this for yourself. Besides, he’s entertaining as well. That only helps 🙂

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