“Cars” Movie and “One Man Band”

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Couple of nights ago I bought “One Man Band” the new short from Pixar by way of the iTMS (which is NOT an affiliate link BTW).

It took WAY too friggin long to download from iTMS… Something like 70 minutes (for 24 Mb of 4 minute long video). That was NOT a pleasant experience.

Then the video quality was not quite what I initially expected. I was expecting some really high-end, typically Pixar quality stuff. The story is fun and IS typical of the Pixar shorts experience.

We took the boys to see “Cars” this afternoon. And guess what was showing on the big screen after the trailers? “One Mand Band”. Aside from being larger and surround sound it wasn’t all that different an experience than on the Apple cinema display at home. Somewhat, but not enough to fret over.

Cars on the other hand was phenomenal! The animation’s amazing. The story’s solid. The sound is REALLY good. Some people said it was about 40 minutes too long. I can see that if you have kids in tow (no pun intended). But, I’d pay matinee fare all over again to see it before it leaves the theater. Can’t wait to own this one on HD DVD or Blu-Ray.

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